Guide to Mobile Phone Contracts

When talking about mobile phone deals, the most popular choice among millions of customers is a contract phone. Practically all networks in UK offer said type of deal because it's convenient and comes with a lot of perks.

Before getting one, however, you should take time to know more about contract phones in order to ensure its suitability for you needs and situation. Read on to better understand how contract phones work as well as know its various advantages.

What is a Contract Phone?

A contact phone is the type of deal where you pay monthly fees for a fixed term to cover for your phone services. Typically, the package will include text, call and data and you have the option to pick the contract that suits you needs best. Depending on your contract, the term typically lasts for 18 or 24 months.

What are the Advantages?

Contract phones are popular for very good reasons. It comes with a number of advantages that many customers cannot simply refuse. Among its many pluses are:

  • • Free handset - Getting a free handset is the main reason why contract phones are superior and ultra popular. You can choose whichever model of phone you want even the latest option available.
  • • Cheaper phone services - Because a contract offers a package, charges for texts, calls and data usage are often cheaper than regular rates. You can also tweak your package accordingly. If you're a heavy texter, unlimited texting is perfect. If you love to browse the internet then a generous data allotment is ideal.
  • • Free gifts - As a way to convince customers, many networks are also offering free gifts for no charge or additional fees at all. Some contracts come with free gadgets and other electronics while others offer up-front cash back. Depending on your contract, you can also choose which free gift to get which may be a plasma TV, tablet, laptops or another handset.
  • • No need to top-up - Another attraction that draw people to contract phones is convenience. Since you are paying monthly fees, there's no need to top-up or worry about your credit running out.

Is it Right for You?

Even if you have bad credit, a contract phone is right for you if you know you can afford the monthly fees. There are numerous deals to choose from and at the end of the day, it’s really a matter of choosing the right deal for your budget and needs.
If you’re still unsure and would like to know more information about contract phones before deciding, you should check out Whistle Out. The website’s beginner’s guide to choosing mobile plans is incredibly informative and helpful.